Sunday, July 08, 2007

Chana on the importance of teaching multiple perspectives

Thanks to Ezzie for pointing out this July 2 post by Chana on teaching multiple legitimate opinions within Orthodox Judaism and on tolerating students who, while most definitely Orthodox, don't tow a yeshiva's party line. I'm sorry that it took me roughly a week to link to it. At last look, it has garnered 121 comments. The most distressing ones, I think, are the anonymous comment on July 3 at 9:34 PM followed by Chana's responses at 9:38 and 9:40 PM.
If you wish to comment, kindly post your responses on Chana's blog. I decided, about a month and a half ago, that it might not be appropriate to open the comments on this non-Orthodox blog to discussions of issues that affect only or primarily the Orthodox community.
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